Lassiter High School
Volume 21, No. 7, April 2004

SAT misconceptions revealed

It seems the time has come to mix things up for the class of 2006. In March of 2005, the College Board will unleash the new SAT. What can be expected of this monster that will no longer be scored out of 1600, but instead 2400? For starters, a student-written essay will be included, analogies will be eliminated (hooray), and shorter...Click to read more!

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Designer purse fad comes at high price
Many female students and even teachers at Lassiter High School are unknowingly supporting organized crime and terrorism. The popular trend of knockoff designer handbags has served as a seemingly innocent way for those without Hollywood-style budgets...Click to read more!
Liar liar
A trend at Lassiter is quickly on the rise, and I’m not talking about the hemlines of those fabulous spring skirts. Now more than ever, students are taking it upon themselves to receive their grades in the easiest way possible—and with the least amount of work possible—by cheating...Click to read more!
Danielle the tiny dancer
Most people at Lassiter who know of sophomore Danielle Berke would never guess that she has a fondness for the good old days of listening to Raffi, that she has been known to play in the creek behind her house with her dog, Max, or that she has a mouth like a sailor. To many, she is the quiet, hardworking scholar who is never less than humble...Click to read more!
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