Lassiter High School
Volume 21, No. 7, April 2004

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Three school issues can almost always be anticipated to inspire and even incite student activism: parking, the cafeteria, and the media center. Over the years here at Lassiter, I’ve listened to the wails of sorrow and frustration over limited student parking and the loss of parking privileges; I’ve listened to students complain about cafeteria food (even while the chicken finger and French fry line continue to grow, providing plenty of demand); and I’ve noted...Click to read more!

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Every day when I walk in to school, I like to avoid the unpleasant social atmosphere of the cafeteria and spend my 20 minutes before first period in the media center doing work and/or studying. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one with that idea. Many students can be found in the media center in the morning, performing a number of tasks, whether it be...Click to read more!
Radio personality needs to shut up and listen
This is not an editorial about abortion, Christianity, conservatism, or Bush. No, friends, I mean to draw your attention to something that, in a perfect world, would be relatively frivolous and about as harmless as William Hung’s record deal. The Don Miller Morning Show appears to be a freshly baked audible treat for loyal listeners of 99x, a radio...Click to read more!
High-drama high school
You guys are all a bunch of babies. You heard me right. You’re babies. Whiners. Lightweights. Let’s face it: the thing that most of the people at this school do best is get bent out of shape about stuff that doesn’t really matter in the broad scheme of things. Seniors, remember the “walkout” over the administration enforcing dress code our...Click to read more!
Taking the easy way out
Nothing is quite as frustrating as getting lectured on your behavior by your “superiors”; who wants to hear that their habits need reforming? The worst aspect of this scenario is when those lecturing you base their lectures on their own opinions. Just the other day, I endured a long speech on how the younger generation is deteriorating. This may be true...Click to read more!
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