Are You Too Young for Botox?

Cosmetic botox injectionWhen you hear about Botox for reducing the wrinkles, who do you picture?  If you’re like most people, your mental image is one of two kind of people, probably a woman.  First you might imagine an elderly woman, perhaps in her seventies or older.  You might imagine her looking her age, with significant wrinkles, making a dramatic transformation and looking much younger after the procedure.  Or you may think of some celebrity who has had to deal with a poor outcome.  What you may not think of is an average woman in her thirties getting Botox to help delay the effects of aging.  Many people think that a woman who does not yet have significant wrinkles is too young to be considering Botox.  But is she really?

While most people think of Botox as primarily used to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines that a person may have had for many years  What many people don’t realize is that Botox can be equally effective when used in smaller doses starting when fine lines and wrinkles just begin to show, or even before they appear.  Using Botox on an individual who already shows significant signs of aging produces dramatic change, while using Botox before fine lines set in can delay or even prevent the appearance of aging entirely if administered properly.

The most effective ways to use Botox to delay or prevent wrinkles is if the patient starts receiving treatments before wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear.  To accomplish this, the patient will need to begin receiving Botox at a much younger age than most people start to consider the treatment, but these patients make an intelligent and perceptive decision to use Botox to prevent aging rather than to wait and expect Botox to reverse the process after it is underway.  Different people age at different rates, depending on genetics and lifestyle choices such as alcohol and tobacco use and sun and wind exposure.  If someone starts noticing fine lines developing in their thirties, there’s no reason at all they should not be able to stop aging in its tracks now.  Why wait until aging has already taken its toll on your appearance?  If you’re starting to notice fine lines around your eyes or the corners of your mouth, don’t wait, talk to your doctor about whether Botox might be able to erase them and prevent new ones from forming.

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