Lassiter High School
Volume 21, No. 7, April 2004

Designer purse fad comes at high price

Many female students and even teachers at Lassiter High School are unknowingly supporting organized crime and terrorism. The popular trend of knockoff designer handbags has served as a seemingly innocent way for those without Hollywood-style budgets to get their hands on every designer brand imaginable. But very few fashion-happy women have actually followed where their money is going. Because of the low...Click to read more!

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This computer is reserved...
Three school issues can almost always be anticipated to inspire and even incite student activism: parking, the cafeteria, and the media center. Over the years here at Lassiter, Iíve listened to the wails of sorrow and frustration over limited student parking and the loss...Click to read more!
After a year of waiting, Music Midtownís finally coming!
Itís time for that metro-Atlanta, schoolís-almost-out, I-need-to-party right of passage once again, folks: thatís right, Music Midtown weekend is bearing down on us quickly, and itís time to get ready. This yearís lineup includes some of the worldís most popular...Click to read more!
SAT misconceptions revealed
It seems the time has come to mix things up for the class of 2006. In March of 2005, the College Board will unleash the new SAT. What can be expected of this monster that will no longer be scored out of 1600, but instead 2400? For starters, a student-written...Click to read more!
The Maroon and Golden Globes
Lassiterís fabulous array of talent was showcased at The Maroon and Golden Globe Awards on March 31st. After a semester of hard work, Lassiterís honor card and high-five cardholders got to sit back and relax for two hours and enjoy a wonderful show that the...Click to read more!
Joe's computer tip of the month
You know what I canít stand? Spyware. Spyware is software that is installed onto your computer without your knowledge. It will often change the configuration on your computer and somehow display popup ads. It also has the ability to send data to its...Click to read more!
Lassiter number one in state thanks to lacrosse
Go ahead and order the state champion rings now because this year Lassiterís Varsity Lacrosse team is unstoppable. Thus far undefeated and ranked number one in Georgia, Lassiter has an excellent shot at playing in the state finals and claiming the title of 2004 state champions....Click to read more!
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